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Hi there. We’ll be doing something different today. We’ll be reviewing and criticizing a leather chair from Poly & Bark. Recently I bought a couple of their leather chairs for my own household and I was really impressed with the quality in general. So, I decided to buy more leather chairs from them for the clubhouse and give them a proper leather review.

Let me know what y’all think. Would you buy this chair from Poly & Bark? Are you impressed with the leather quality? Let me hear your thoughts!

If you want us to review other leather products, feel free to comment them down below. We’d be more than happy to purchase their products and review it for you so you can save money and become leather-savvy.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Poly & Bark. I just wanted to share with you my honest thoughts and reviews about their products.

Poly & Bark chair (as seen in the video): https://www.polyandbark.com/collections/new-in-living/products/verity-leather-lounge-chair?variant=31216998875209


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